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"I have fibromyalgia which means a lot of muscle pain. I've tried many products but Hermetic Botanicals lotion has been the only product in which I have found significant pain relief. I use it every day."


"I use Essence of Passion sublingually to alleviate tremors from Multiple Sclerosis. Not only does it work, but I sleep better and awaken feeling disease free. Looking forward to your new restorative body oil and feeling even better. Thank you, Hermetic Botanicals."


"I have used Hermetic Botanicals products for neck and back pain, some of the best products out there! I would recommend them to anyone! "


"When I began taking these supplements I had just survived a severe car accident. A Ford F350 had swerved into my lane hitting me head on. This totaled my car leaving me with multiple slipped discs, a partially collapsed lung, bruised ribs, neurological brain injuries, ruptured diaphragm, PTSD and severe bruising all over 40% of my body. The doctors wanted me to start a pain management program using opiates. I refused the treatment and looked into alternatives. As soon as I began taking the supplements I had an immediate increase in energy! I actually almost over did it because I felt so energetic and forgot the extent of my injuries. The doctors are all extremely surprised with my level and speed of recovery and I am going to continue taking these supplements well after I am fully healed.

Improved cognitive function, reduced anxiety, balanced mood, increased energy and a faster recovery time to physical injuries are what I have seen. "


"When I use Soothing Embrace, I find it easier to play tennis, bend and walk without discomfort. It is so important to stay active, but harder to do when your muscles ache"


"In full remission from stage 2 lung cancer, after months of exhausting chemo therapy, I began taking the supplements. I noticed some small changes in the following areas: more energy, mood, better rest, and I felt my recovery time had shortened. I can say that my overall well being was lifted as I was taking the supplements."


"Great products for pain, sleep and general healing."


"I sampled the new nootropic gummies (Focus) the first thing in the morning and I immediately felt a boost of energy. Lately I have been waking up half asleep, restless and really lazy, and that's with 6+hours of sleep. I'm am very happy to say that trying this product has given me a sense of awareness and allows me to focus better as well as increasing my concentration."


"I was just diagnosed with Lupus. I have been doing an abundance of research on natural treatment. My brother asked me to try these supplements to see if they could help. He gave me no false promises or guarantees. I researched the product and technology and it seemed legitimate enough to try. I have been taking the supplements for 45 days at this point and I have been noticing an increase in my energy levels and my overall mood is better. Also, I don't get sick as often and as intensely as I used to. Thank you so much!"


These tasty green bears are so amazing I don't know where to start! They taste good, go down smooth and instantly begin working. The first thing I notice when I take hermetic botanicals focus gummies are the physiological effects. I feel immediately energized and alert and ready for my day. It's like I've gone super saiyan! My workouts get demolished and when I study, the focus and clarity is definitely enhanced. My ability to retain, review, and convey new information has definitely seen improvements. I've also noticed a significant rise in metabolism because, especially on workout days, I need to constantly feed my body or I begin to crash. These "extra" calories however have only contributed to solid muscle gain, fat loss and one pointed focus. Dreams, meditations and have also become crystal clear, like I'm watching a movie inside myself whereas before, it was all fuzzy. Coming from a guy known to have a temper, since beginning taking the focus gummies, I have found a peace within. Since the only supplements I take are the gummies and a multivitamin, I can attribute these benefits and changes to the gummies. Having all natural ingredients is definitely a plus. I recommend them to students, teachers, those in the workforce, or to anyone looking to completely take their state of being to the next level.
Thanks again HB,
Anthony D.

"I had a stroke in January that left me partially paralyzed on my right side. The pain in my right hand, arm and leg was chronic and severe. The doctors said it was permanent and nothing short of pain pills would change that. Hermetic Botanicals extracts have been a God send nearly eliminating all the pain and with none of the side effects. Today I am not taking any of the pain pills, or muscle relaxers that I had to before. I would highly recommend Hermetic Botanicals products."


"I wanted to extend my greatest gratitude and tell you just how amazing your products really are. Adding Essence of Passion into the equation has made sex downright mind blowing! I mean the pleasure factor for both of us has skyrocketed to amazing heights! We can't get enough. As for Soothing Embrace, we use it for massages as well as fresh out of the shower. For us it produces a calming effect likened to meditation. We are very happy with these products and look to continue use indefinitely!"


"The lube felt wonderful upon application. Was pleased how the intensity of my orgasm was extended."


My 9 year old son has been taking 1/3 of the Focus Vitamin gummy daily for ADHD. His attention and ability to make better decisions has improved by 70%. His sleep has improved and his cravings for sugar have decreased. Great product!

"My husband and I have always had pleasurable and passionate sex, but we felt even more so when we began using Essence of Passion. We both love this product so much that we have found various ways to use it on each other. It's fun, it's frisky, and we feel that we could never be bored! I added Soothing Embrace to my morning ritual and have felt a significant difference in the moisture in my skin. We also use this product for massages and have felt absolutely amazing and relaxed after. Not only does this product keep your skin moisturized but it soothes your skin and spirit. Essence of Passion and Soothing Embrace have had such a positive impact on my husband and me."


"I have been using Revivify massage oil on my clients for some time. Love it! The anti-inflammatory properties are outstanding. Patients are noticing a quicker recovery time from injury and it aids in the healing of intractable neuropathic pain, arthritis and migraine headaches. Patients have noticed an increase in joint function along with better pain and spasticity relief while promoting an overall sense of well-being."


I am so excited to be able to share the wonders of "Focus" ... My energy levels are higher. My Irritable Bowel flares up less frequent. Sleep has improved. Sugar cravings are less.. Thank you for creating a product that naturally balances the body with zero side effects.

"Thank you for producing such an amazing product. My daughter developed an itchy rash on both of her legs. I tried using hydrocortisone cream on it for a couple of days, but it didn't relieve the itching or help the rash. I decided to put some oil on it, and after two days, the rash was gone!"


"I use Hermetic Botanicals products for back pain and it has really helped me a lot get through the pain."


"I suffer from fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis and arthritis. By using Hermetic Botanicals oil & lotion, I was able to stop taking all the pharmaceuticals doctors had me on. With the pain relief, I'm finally able to sleep. I use the lotion not only for my chronic pain, but for hives, rashes and burns. It's immediately soothing & helps tremendously. It works like magic! "