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These tasty green bears are so amazing I don’t know where to start! They taste good, go down smooth and instantly begin working. The first thing I notice when I take hermetic botanicals focus gummies are the physiological effects. I feel immediately energized and alert and ready for my day. It’s like I’ve gone super saiyan! My workouts get demolished and when I study, the focus and clarity is definitely enhanced. My ability to retain, review, and convey new information has definitely seen improvements. I’ve also noticed a significant rise in metabolism because, especially on workout days, I need to constantly feed my body or I begin to crash. These “extra” calories however have only contributed to solid muscle gain, fat loss and one pointed focus. Dreams, meditations and have also become crystal clear, like I’m watching a movie inside myself whereas before, it was all fuzzy. Coming from a guy known to have a temper, since beginning taking the focus gummies, I have found a peace within. Since the only supplements I take are the gummies and a multivitamin, I can attribute these benefits and changes to the gummies. Having all natural ingredients is definitely a plus. I recommend them to students, teachers, those in the workforce, or to anyone looking to completely take their state of being to the next level.
Thanks again HB,
Anthony D.